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What is Tequila

Tequila is Mexico’s National Spirit. Like all other alcoholic products, it is derived from fermentable sugar. But Tequila is unique in that its source of sugar is the Blue Agave plant. The Blue Agave is a beautiful plant of blue coloring similar in look to a giant aloe. It can reach a height of six feet and although it looks like a cactus, it is in fact, a member of the Lily family much like cognac that can only be produced in the cognac regions of France. Tequila must be produced within certain designated areas of Mexico, mostly in the state of Jalisco. Tequila takes its name from the colonial town of Tequila.


House Margarita
Available in 
Original      Strawberry      Mango      Peach      Melon      Blue      Raspberry      Pinarita      Swirl.

For meltdown house margarita add your flavor.

Patron Anejo
Patron Silver
Don Julio Reposado
Don Julio Silver
Tres Generaciones Anejo
Tres Generaciones Reposado
Tres Generaciones Plata
Cabo Wabo Reposado
Cabo Wabo Blanco

All Top Shell Margaritas served hand shaken on the rocks.

George Special
Its smooth Don Julio Silver, Grand Marnier margarita made with sweet and sour

Top Shell Margarita
Our special blend of Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Premium Tequila, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau, served hand shaken,
on the rocks or frozen.

Frozen Drinks

Pina Colada    
Coco Banana    
Strawberry Daiquiri    
Amaretto Colada    
Strawberry Colada

Vino / Wine

Felluga pinot grigio
A by Acacia Chardonnay
Casa la postolle sauvignon blanc
Chalone merlot or Cabernet
Terrazas cabernet sauvignon
Terrazas, Malbel
Red Sky Ranch meritage

House Wine
Night Harvest
White Zinfandel
Cabernet Sauvignon

Cervezas / Beer

Bud Lite
Bud Select
Coors Lite
Michelob Ultra

XX Lager
XX Amber
Corona Lite
Modelo Especial

Blue Agave