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One cheese or beef enchilada served with Mexican rice and beans $3.99

Taco Nino
Crispy or soft tortilla, filled with ground beef or chicken, dressed with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, served with Mexican rice and beans. $ 3.99

One mini beef and bean burrito, topped with chile con queso, served with Mexican rice and beans. $3.99

Chicken Fingers
Tender strips of chicken, breaded and fried, served with French fries. $4.50

Cheese Nachos
A mound of fresh corn chips topped with melted cheese. $2.99

Cheese Quesadilla
Served with French fries $3.99

Mexican Pizza
6” flour tortilla topped with Spanish sauce ground beef and cheese. $4.75

Peanut Butter and Jelly
The classic kids sandwich served with French fries $3.45

Classic hamburger patty, with lettuce and tomatoes, served with French fries. $3.99
With cheese add .45

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